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Chiropractic Philosophy



We believe each and every body has the innate ability to heal itself and be well. In order for our innate abilities to work properly we need balance in 3 basic components of our life:


In the most basic sense this is how your muscles, joints and nerves are functioning. We assess this through a detailed history (including any past imaging like X-rays and MRI's, past trauma, exercise regime and daily habits), postural evaluation and thorough spinal and extremity examination. 



Stress is the result when any area of our life is out of balance. Stress itself is actually not so bad and is even good in some respects (like exercise or learning a tough lesson), however, the effects of stress on our body (also known as our physiological response to stress) is harmful at best and devastating if not handled well. Stress comes in three forms:


Physical: This includes not enough rest, trauma, over exertion, repetitive strain and posture.


Emotional: The result of our mind's interpretation of events and situations causing unhealthy stress chemicals to be released throughout our body.

Chemical/Hormonal: Poor food choices, drugs and mal-functioning of our internal chemistry are the main causes.


Being aware of stress in all of it's forms is the first step to reducing or eliminating the effects of stress in our life. Then, after identifying how or when stress is negatively impacting our life, we can apply time tested strategies to minimize the affects of stress on our body. Easier said then done, right? Like anything, practicing stress reduction over time really works and allows for improved balance in our life


We are what we eat. Food choices are the most important decisions we make each day! This basic component of living is often confusing and difficult. There is so much contradictory information out there regarding nutrition. What are we supposed to believe? At our clinic we believe in the most current research that is carried out by unbiased scientists and reported in peer reviewed journals. We think about nutrition in this way: We should eat to live most of the time and live to eat only on occasion. Keep in mind our most important nutrient, water. A balanced approach to nutrition will be the foundation of healthcare in the future! Poor nutrition is the underlying cause of the majority of our healthcare costs in this country. The food industry, in order to maximize profits, has conditioned us to eat poorly and make poor food choices. In addition, they have made it difficult for the ordinary citizen to know exactly what they are eating. Do you know it is now less expensive to eat fast food for our dinner than it is to shop, clean and prepare a balanced meal? It is our mission to break through the fog of mis-information and corporate driven confusion and bring you straight forward information to help you feel confident about food choices.

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